Take Part in Collaborative Climate Action

The Partnership on Collaborative Climate Action provides an excellent platform to advocate for better cooperation across government levels. To further advance ambitious climate action, we contribute to a growing network of global, national, regional, and local stakeholders by sharing knowledge, highlighting best practices and exchanging experiences and ideas. Find out about high-level advocacy events at international conferences as well as the latest webinars on practical implementation.

Due to the current situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, many physical events had to be cancelled. However, please stay tuned for information on virtual events!

ICLEI World Congress 2021

Webinar: Stronger Together – The Role of Multi-Level Collaboration in Driving Climate Action

Webinar: Benefits of cities for higher ambition NDCs and post-COVID recovery

The role of subnational governments in long-term climate strategies: experiences from consultative processes

Global Recovery: An Imperative for Multi-Level Governance

Build Back Better through Collaborative Climate Action: A High-Level Discussion with National and Subnational Governments

3rd Webinar: Collaborative Climate Action: Experiences from local leaders

Climate Action Groups in Mexico June 2020 to February 2021

Daring Cities 2020

9th European Conference On Sustainable Cities and Towns: Mannheim2020

Climate Week NYC

Climate action in times of crisis: Enhancing sustainable post-COVID-19 recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean

Three-part webinar series on “Local climate leadership in times of COVID-19”

Launch Event: Recover Green – Higher NDC Ambition through Collaborative Climate Action

The role of subnational governments in long-term climate strategies

Webinar series on “Local climate leadership in times of COVID-19: The case for collaborative action and national support”

Networking Event at WUF10: Localising Global Agendas – the Case of Collaborative Climate Action

4th Cities Forum

Webinar: Higher NDC-ambition through Collaborative Climate Action


Side event COP25: NDCs and the Climate Emergency of Cities

Local Governments and Cities Day 2019 | 2nd Capacity-building Hub

UCLG Congress 2019

UN Global Climate Action Summit