Over 70 countries sign Pledge for new Multilevel Climate Action Initiative

New initiative “Coalition for High Ambition Multilevel Partnership” (CHAMP) for Climate Action launched at COP28.

The new initiative “Coalition for High Ambition Multilevel Partnership” (CHAMP) for Climate Action was launched during COP28. Its aim is to increase foster climate action through multilevel cooperation.

The Coalition for High Ambition Multilevel Partnership (CHAMP) for Climate Action was announced at this year’s COP during the Local Climate Action Summit (LCAS) on 1st December 2023. CHAMP was initiated by the COP28 Presidency (United Arab Emirates), Bloomberg Philanthropies, Climate Advisers, the Global Covenant of Mayors and C40 Cities. The coalition is made up of nation states and is committed to working more closely with cities and municipalities. The aim is to limit the global temperature increase rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and increase adaptation and resilience through multilevel climate action. A special focus lies on Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). Moreover, the members aim to facilitate access to subnational climate financing, for example for the development of local climate projects.

The initiative consists of six Pledges:

  1. Consultations between national and local level
  2. Collaboration between national and local level
  3. Enhancing 2025 NDCs
  4. Increasing NDC investment
  5. Undertaking voluntary reviews
  6. Joining an annual High-Level Dialogue between national and subnational governments.

By December 2023, over 70 countries from all world regions have signed the Pledges. CHAMP is also welcomed by the subnational community. Katja Dörner, Mayor of Bonn (Germany) said that “every nation joining CHAMP during and after COP28 marks a milestone for multilevel collaborative climate action”.

Read the Pledge: