Submission to the UNFCCC Standing Committee on Finance

The Partnership for Collaborative Climate Action and ICLEI have in cooperation submitted information and arguments on the benefits of a multi-level climate governance approach to the Standing Committee on Finance (SCF), which is a body under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The critical role of subnational levels and collaborative climate action has been laid out in response to the Committee’s Call for Evidence on the needs of developing country Parties related to implementing the Paris Agreement and the Convention.

The submission notes that subnational actors often lack direct access to climate finance and struggle to develop bankable projects. However, they are often the implementers of national agendas and as such should be included in the process of NDC revision, building capacities for planning and implementing.

Further, country experiences from Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Malawi highlight the benefits of including multiple stakeholders in NDC revision and jointly selecting the most effective and agreeable mitigation and adaptation options.

The submission was made to respond to the parts of the call for evidence which concern “Processes and approaches utilized for the determination of needs of developing country Parties”.

The Standing Committee on Finance is preparing its first report on the determination of the needs of developing country Parties, for which the submission, together with 33 additional submissions by Parties and non-Party stakeholders, will be considered. The report is to be presented at COP26 in November 2020.

Submission to the UNFCCC Standing Committee on Finance