Presented here are four Real Practice Study Studies on concrete cases of CCA co-authored with country experts, with in-depth analysis of four cases, their potential, value and outcome, replication and challenges.

The CDP report “Cities on the Route to 2030” synergises data received by 812 cities to assess the state and trends of subnational climate action.

Renewable energy is key to achieve climate-friendly cities and meet international, national and local climate ambition. The new REN21 Renewables in Cities 2021 Global Status Report provides a comprehensive overview of the status and developments of renewable energy in cities.

The UNFCCC’s synthesis of the recently submitted NDCs demonstrates that current commitments are not enough to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C.

Countries around the globe are facing a triple challenge with the economic recovery from COVID-19, long-term socio-economic development goals and the threats from the climate crisis. Cities and regions are key to tackle these challenges, as the new report by the Coalition for Urban Transitions argues.

The report synthesises a wide range of themes regarding subnational climate action and provides a useful resource for practitioners and researchers alike.

The Climate Group’s annual “Global States and Regions – Annual Disclosure Report 2020” highlights the challenges and progress of 121 states and regions across all continents which disclosed their issues and solutions regarding climate change mitigation to the CDP.