Discover Good Practices for Collaborative Climate Action

The Good Practices Database presents various case studies, analyses, guidelines and sourcebooks of best practices worldwide. These examples and references demonstrate how urban climate policies and sustainable urban development are being effectively designed and implemented through collaborative efforts. The showcased examples cover initiatives and projects of partner organisations and countries.

A Sourcebook for Climate-Proof Urban Development

The Sourcebook addresses key issues at the interface of climate change and urban development.
5. November 2019/by ahnenenkel

Climate Emergency – Urban Opportunity

The report outlines the immense social and economic benefits of creating compact, connected and clean cities with net-zero emissions, and presents an action plan for national governments around the world.
4. November 2019/by ahnenenkel

ICCA2019 – Heidelberg Outcomes

The Heidelberg Outcomes offer lessons, levers and practical experiences with regard to implementation of Collaborative Climate Action in a multi-level approach.
30. October 2019/by Nora Teufel


Visit our partner website URBANET for news and debates on local governance, sustainable urban development and decentralisation.
6. November 2019/by ahnenenkel

Webinar: Supporting local climate action through the German National Climate Initiative

16. April 2020/by Philip Koch

Entry Points to Support Collaborative Climate Action

A synthesis brief from the project Vertical Integration and Learning for Low-Emission Development in Africa and Southeast Asia.
11. December 2019/by Nora Teufel

Networking Event at WUF10: Localising Global Agendas – the Case of Collaborative Climate Action

The Networking Event, co-hosted by BMU and GIZ, discussed the benefits of multi-level governance in interactive working groups and shaped the narrative on how to unlock the urban potential.
24. January 2020/by Nora Teufel

Webinar Recording: Higher NDC-Ambition through Collaborative Climate Action

The webinar offers different perspectives on increasing NDC-ambition through collaboration between government levels
11. February 2020/by Philip Koch

Blog of the IKI Alliance México

Visit the IKI Alliance México Blog to browse the knowledge products of the International Climate Initiative (IKI) project portfolio in Mexico.
5. October 2019/by ahnenenkel

Webinar Recording: Higher NDC-ambition through Collaborative Climate Action

The webinar focused on “Higher NDC-Ambition through Collaborative Climate Action". Three speakers from different contexts presented insights on their understanding of the potential for Collaborative Climate Action. Watch the online recording here!
19. December 2019/by Philip Koch

ICCA2019: Using the potential of cities for ambitious climate action

ICCA2019 has sent a strong signal to the world: It is possible to implement ambitious climate action and comply with the goals of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
23. May 2019/by ahnenenkel

Localising the 2030 Agenda through Integrated Urban Development

This report outlines 5 case stories about the successful adaptation and implementation of an integrated urban development approach for localising the 2030 Agenda
6. December 2019/by Philip Koch

Multi-Level Climate Governance

This study bridges the gap between climate governance requirements and practical implementation under real life conditions.
31. October 2019/by Nora Teufel

Next Steps under the Paris Agreement and the Katowice Climate Package

11. December 2019/by Philip Koch

Climate Action Summit provides new momentum for international climate action

The UN Climate Action Summit focused on preparations for the resubmission of the Nationally Determined Contributions and attributed a special role to cities.
24. September 2019/by ahnenenkel

Climate Chance 2019 Synthesis Report on Non-State Climate Action

27. February 2020/by Nora Teufel

Renewables in Cities: 2019 Global Status Report

The report touches on various aspects of renewable energy in urban environments and outlines the distinct role of cities in the renewable energy transition.
26. February 2020/by Philip Koch

Enabling Subnational Climate Action through Multi-level Governance

Sharing experiences from the GIZ project VICLIM, Urban LEDS, ICLEI and UN-Habitat, this study showscases how successful multi-level governance looks in practice.
1. October 2019/by Nora Teufel

Insight Brief: Engaging Subnational Governments in Climate Action

25. May 2020/by Philip Koch